Rohit joined B.Tech

Rohit restricted himself only to classroom trainings.

Rohit achieved a percentage of 85% during his B.Tech.

Rohit is still in search of a job, despite his excellent percentage.

Mohit joined B.tech

Mohit attended classes as well as explored opportunities

Mohit achieved 80% and made lots of connections

Mohit had 4 jobs in hand to choose from.

Here Rohit and Mohit had different approaches for their careers.

For those who imagined a life to “Be like Mohit”

Introducing CampusDost Campus Ambassador Program

This is your chance to make that dream come true with CAP.

Becoming a part of us will make you open to plenty of learning opportunities in the desired field you wish for. This doesn't end with learning, you will also be rewarded with incentives, cool merchandises and lot more.


Our Campus Ambassador Program is a leadership program that offers a student an opportunity to represent and promote CampusDost.

With the tag of Campus Ambassador, a student will have an exposure to plenty of opportunities to explore and make his career.

There will be certain responsibilities a student should fulfill to benefit from our Campus Ambassador Program.

These include:

  • Promote Campusdost Services among your peers through social media
  • Help us in providing services in your college smoothly
  • BrainStrom and come up with creative ideas to engage the students with us
  • Provide us with feedback on the services provided by us in your college

How to Become?

Want to become one, Reach us by filling this form.


Campus Ambassador Program is all about:

“In what way can the students be benefited from it?” Making it a student-oriented program.

So, a student who’s open for all the challenges they come across will be awarded too.


A certificate of appreciation will be awarded to the student upon successful completion of the program which can be showcased in your resume.

Corporate Relations

Student will get an opportunity to build corporate relations right from their college through CampusDost.

Ambassador of the month

Every month a student will be awarded with the title of “Ambassador of the Month” depending on the quality of their work.A chance to get featured on our website and improve your brand image. 

CampusDost Goodies

Students will be awarded with CampusDost goodies too from time to time which will surely make the students “Yell in Surprise”.

Who can apply?

To become a Campus Ambassador a student should possess certain skills to stand out among the applicants which include:

  • Enthusiasm to positively represent Campusdost.
  • Engineering student pursuing his/her 2nd/3rd year.
  • Ability to work with diverse groups.
  • Organizational and time management skills.
  • Possess the ability to listen, solve problem and react quickly.

Savvy of the Month

The “Hall of Fame” for our Campus Ambassadors who dedicated their valuable amount of time to bring out the best in them.

The students featured below are a proof for “If given an opportunity, we will be ready to make a name!”

The dedication and commitment showed by them towards their assigned responsibilities is what made us to award them with the title of “Savvy of the Month”.