Campus “DOST”
Dost- (Noun), Translation for friend from English to Hindi.
Usage: “Ye Dosti hum nahi Chodenge” –
“We won’t leave this friendship” 

    That was the Origin of our company’s name where we look ourselves as a Dost for the students. With the tag of Dost comes along certain responsibilities which need to be fulfilled. We started meeting them with love and affection making our bond with the students even stronger. 

    Why Campus? That is where all the magic happens. College campus will be our platform where we interact with the students and provide solutions for the problems faced by them. Overall, this makes us a campus-friendly organization.  


    Founded on June 9th, 2016 by Mr. Praveen Reddy (CEO and Founder), has always dreamt of finding a better way for the students through which the two most important things in their life TIME and MONEY shall not be wasted on trainings where the students pay separately on each training and waste their time finding the right platform. 

    The need for a platform where the students can find pocket-friendly services was visible and this paved way for the start of “CAMPUSDOST” whose purpose was to fulfill the need that was created.  

    Our first task was to recruit the employees who are like minded and understand the company’s vision. We believed that without a kickass team things won’t be fruitful for us. Our treasure hunt for the first recruits ended well and this was the initial boost which was needed by us. 

    There were some great challenges ahead of us which pulled us down from reaching our goal. But, the persistence and commitment from our workforce brought us back like never before. 

    Here, we are finally bringing you the best service any student could imagine defying the odds against us. 

Company Values



Expressing ourselves in a creative way makes us unique and stand-out from the others. Our constant endeavor will always be: “How creatively can the undertaken work be completed?”
We believe that , Adding a little creativeness to the work does improve the outcome of the product.



Maintaining the coherence between the user and user experience, clients and management, commitment and deadlines, quality and time, service and satisfaction, hard work and recognition has been our driving value and will be.  



Commitment to us doesn’t end with meeting the deadlines, but continues with meeting the expectations of the clients, making our users feel satisfied, ensuring high class quality of the product, making the employees feel safe and happy and bringing about a difference in the society.