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CampusDost is a team of dedicated, hardworking, reliable and passionate professionals who place learning above everything else. In response to the growing need for non-traditional learning that promotes self-discovery, knowledge construction, group-based discussions, transformational and independent learning, we are digitalizing everything which is beneficial to students who want to exercise their flexibility and options on what to learn.

In this modern era of competitive world, we believe that a student shouldn’t waste his/her time enrolling for online education across various platforms, when CampusDost does that for you. Our team of young aspiring individuals, ensures to transform every student with respect to their career priorities by providing online interactive lessons, trainings, internships, placements, entertainment and many more to explore.

We offer a platform for graduates by allowing them to apply for various openings posted in our website. Besides, we provide placement and internship services from our side by bringing the companies which are onboard with us to the college campus for internship and placement drives. CampusDost also acquaints students about various colleges’ fests, Events, Sport meets etc.

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Engineer Empowerment Program

8 Lakhs -The number of Engineers passing out every year in India.
15 Lakhs –The total number of under-graduate seats available for enrollment in India.
Out of 15 lakhs of seats, only 8 Lakhs seats are being filled which makes 53.3% of enrollment.
Reason: Lack of proper facilities to train the students and outdated teaching methodologies.
Due to these reasons, many engineering students are passing out from their engineering colleges without proper skillsets and remained to be unemployed.
An Engineering student should be guided, trained and emphasized with the current developments too, apart from the classroom training which they get from their college.
Considering the current scenario of the engineers, we came up with a program called: " Engineer Empowerment Program"

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Online Courses

Save your most valuable “Time” by opting to our online courses and why don’t you try our Online games in that free time?


Bulk information is sorted into chapters for your convenience, so as to ease it while you learn.

Practice Questions

Timed exam might irritate you sometimes, so here’s our feature of practice questions with no time limit.

Mock Test

Take test for the entire course which ever you wish to learn and check your level of understanding.


Test your knowledge on the things happened; happening; will happen around you through our GK Quiz.

Placement Papers

Placement papers of top MNC’s stacked together at one place to practice before your D-day.

Performance Report

For every exam you take, don’t forget to check your performance through our performance reports.

Test Taken

Test Taken helps you in keeping a record of whatever tests you have taken through our website.

Shortlist Videos

Running out of time? Save videos you wish to watch later through the shortlist option and watch them later!

Resume Builder

For those who are struggling to make their resumes look perfect, try our resume builder and thank us later.

Industrial Visit

Don’t just stick yourself to classroom learnings when you can actually explore the things you learn in the outside world.


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